Dropsy Edema. A contraction of hydropsy. The presence of abnormally large amounts of fluid. Congestive heart failure.2
Palsy Loss of sensation, especially the inability to control movement of certain muscles of the face, arms or hands.1

Cooper a maker of barrels and other round wooden containers 2
Dishturner a Turner is a person who shapes objects1. A dishturner makes wooden bowls or dishes2
Glazier a person that installs glass, oiled paper, parchment, etc in windows 1
Housewright one who builds residential structures 2
Joiner one who makes a livelihood by knowing of and joining wood by glue, different joints, etc.; a now nearly forgotten trade, once very important to the cabinet and furniture makers, requiring knowledge of characteristics of expansion, contraction, warping, etc. in various woods 2
Matross a private in the army who aided the artillery gunners to load, fire, sponge, etc. the guns 1
Planter 1) a farmer 2) a person who owns a farm or plantation, usually more than 100 acres 1
Shipwright a person who builds or repairs ships 2
Tanner a craftsman who cures animal skin to produce leather 1
Weaver a person who weaves rugs, cloth, etc for his living 1
Wheelwright a person who made wagon and carriage wheels and installed metal tires on the wheel rims 1
Vicar a priest, clergyman or parson of a church who receives a salary1
Yeoman early, quite usually one who owned or had previously owned land in small quantity and also one who farmed his own land for his own benefit and profit 2

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